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HER. (A Poem) · 7:53pm Nov 2nd, 2023

I find myself alone in the forest.
The trees close in on me, darker and darker still.
The creaking wind blasts the creatures around me,
Killing them softly.

I mourn for their losses
And their sadness and wails.
I wish I could help.
They seem so lost and afraid.

But from the shadows, 
Something wicked this way comes.
Is it wicked?
I cannot tell, it’s too dark.

Where’s my flashlight?
It’s gone, the thing whispers.
Can the darkness ever truly cover you?
I am puzzled at its question.

It glows softly,
The sky lightens.
A large creature stands there,
Emanating power.

Its fur cloak drapes over
It’s hulking shoulders,
A bone mask
Covering its face.

I am the Shaman, it says.
I come to help.
Turning away, it begins to heal the creatures,
Soft croaks and coos sound from its mouth.

The darkness doesn’t seem so frightening anymore.
It’s like a warm blanket, 
Wrapping me softly as I watch the Shaman work.
I love the creature silently.

When its work is done,
It approaches me.
I am your future, it says.
I will care for you.

You are a wounded creature,
And my duty is to help.
Not to harm.
Come with me.

It takes me in its arms, 
And carries me deeper into the forest.
She is my love.
This frightening being cares for me.

A Forest Shaman is she,
Helping the ones around her.
I am her next duty.
I will stay with her.

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I really like this. I've always wished I could write poems even just as good as some of the ones found on this site, written by other amateurs. But, alas, it seems my strength is in longer-form tales, if in anything at all, haha. :heart:

I can't possibly know exactly what this poem is a metaphor for, naturally, even if I do have a few theories, but whatever it might be... there are people out there who care for you, just like the Shaman. And you can learn to care for yourself more and more too. :twilightsmile:

The poem is a longing for a perfect partner who will help fix my broken wounds. That, and the fact that I have a thing for strong women lol

I see... I had a feeling it might be that. You know, you're quite an amazing person, if I do say so myself. I can't possibly imagine you remaining alone forever, unless you'd wish for that, that is. Stay strong. We'll all be here to celebrate your successes when they come. :heart:

This is some really great stuff, I hope you don't mind me using it for a song someday.

Well, it's not quite song material, but I appreciate it!

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