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A Poem - "Something I've Learned" · 5:45pm February 22nd

Something I've Learned

Life’s a bitch and then you die.
Bury you in a big dirt ditch.
Once you’re gone, it’s over, it’s done,
And once again, Death has won.

But Life ain’t fair, 
And it ain’t ever be fair.
If it were fair?
Everything would be unfair.

Paradoxes; gotta love ‘em.
But Life, unfortunately, weaves all of ‘em.
Eh, no matter, no harm, no foul,
No end or beginning, no drying the towel.

Lemon juice rains from the Crimson Sky,
Plipping and plopping right in our eyes.
If we are wise, we might want to look down,
But all we’ll see is the blood on the ground.

The world was built on the backs of the slaves;
The sickening crack of the whip and the blade.
Built on the blood of the broken and vain,
Still falls down the Lemon Juice Rain.

When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade,
Demand to see Life’s manager and ask for marmalade.
If that’s too sour or spicy for your little pet mouse,
Invent a combustible lemon that will burn down their house.

Life isn’t fair and then you die.
Nothing more left for you to try.
Burn down the house and dig your six-foot ditch,
And always remember that Life is a bitch.

Yes, that was a reference to Cave Johnson's Lemon Rant.

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Comments ( 5 )

Girl, you. Are. ON A ROLL LATELY! Really looking forward to someday turning your poems into songs!

So am I lol, most of the stuff I write could be actual lyrics for songs because I'm naturally a musical person

Well that's great! I think I'll be able to record my first studio demos starting next week, so I might be able to meet you a couple years from now to discuss the details of me recording your songs.

What do you think about becoming a songwriting duo? We could be a new Lennon-McCartney.

That would be amazing lol,, I always thought of a partnership, but also feel like I'd be restrained to only make music with said partner and no independence

Well, the Beatles did eventually break up, so...

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