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A Poem - "The Woman In A Man's Mirror" · 5:37pm February 21st

The Woman In A Man’s Mirror

She stares back at my soul, like fog upon the glass;
Present but absent,
Lasting yet fleeting.
I reach out to touch her.

She touches my hand, cold and smooth,
Following my every movement;
And we smile.
We are one in the same;

But the fog grows, smearing her image.
We search for each other,
But she is gone behind
The vaporous curtain.

We rub our hands together,
Clearing the fog momentarily
Before we lose sight once more.
She is gone.

But yet, she is there!
She watches from within;
Waiting to escape,
Waiting to love us together.

Ghosts of each other
But she is me.
I am her.
We are us.

We shall love;
Love until the sky grows dark
And our vision fades;
Love until the end of eternity.

We are a bound soul,
Two minds in one body. 
Yet she looks to me,
Through the mirror’s glass.

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Comments ( 3 )

Hey there... if you need to talk, just know that I'm always there for you. I know we've fallen out of contact a bit, but that doesn't mean I'm not ready to try and help as much as I can at a moment's notice.

I like the poem, by the way. :heart:

Well, I am back on Discord, so if you wanna talk there that works.

And it's not really a venting poem, it was just, like, a longing for something better, just a passive feeling

Alright, sorry. :twilightblush:

As for Discord, I'm up for that. I'm agailable whenever, except for when I sleep, naturally.

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