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My writing slowly improves, I believe. I hope to be an even better writer tomorrow. Feel free to join my Discord.

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Someday · 10:43am Oct 6th, 2023

Someday a new chapter of "Within You" will be released. IDK when, but I can spoil you a little bit. Being polite pays off. Asher's growing as a pony being!

Some of what I've written:

The lizard thing– Discord, I knew– made a point of ignoring me, annoyingly enough.

Twilight glanced at our approaching group, but must have assumed that we were going to walk past her because she didn’t give us more than that, turning to talk to the lizard thing with her friends. I saw Discord glance at me, but he, too, remained silent. Hopefully that wouldn’t stay that way for long.

“Can you explain what the heck that was all about?” I asked, interrupting Twilight as I sent my look up at the snake/lizard. I, of course, was naive enough to think he would answer me, or even look at me when I asked my question. I wasn’t that surprised though when I was ignored. Same old, same old.

“I just don’t see how it wouldn’t be friendly if I changed the rainclouds into pillows of chocolate and made the rivers flow with icing,” he said, talking to Twilight’s group of friends. “In fact, I would argue quite the opposite! I’m spreading happiness by doing such!”

“I mean, he’s got a point, you gotta admit, Twilight,” Pinkie Pie agreed. “Imagine what kind of party I could throw if there was a river of icing in Ponyville, and clouds of chocolate! It’d be the biggest one in Equestria!”

“As fun as that sounds, it’s not friendly when you consider that–”

“Discord,” I said again, interrupting the purple pony, to her annoyance. “Tell me what the heck that was all about. I know it was you.”

“See? Pinkie Pie agrees with me,” he said. “You’re not going to just deny her the opportunity to host the largest party Equestria has ever seen, will you?”

 I closed my eyes and took a breath to push down the anger over him intentionally ignoring me. I wasn’t going to scream– not yet anyway. Over the last ten years, staying calm when I was angry was a skill I learned. I’d give it a couple of more tries, and then I’d just go send a letter to Celestia instead. Answers were going to be something I was going to find.

“Asher, can you and your friends get out of here for now?” Twilight asked. “I’m kind of in the middle of something, and I don’t need you guys distracting us.”

“I want to talk to Discord,” I told the unicorn. “I know he was part of it, since he was in my dreams. I’m not that dumb. That was a whole lot of mess a few minutes ago I want answers about.”

He didn’t turn, but the draconequus finally acknowledged me as he flicked an ear. “Twilight,” he started with a little tone in his voice. “Would you please tell that little filly in front of you that I’m under direct orders from the princess herself not to utter a word to her?”

“Why?” I jumped in, the book horse looking like she was actually about to tell me that. “You were talking to me in my dreams! Does that not count?”

“Twilight, please inform that little filly in front of you that my instructions for how I should interact with her were given just this morning.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked. “Seriously? Why put me through that…” I wanted to curse again, but held myself back, and closed my eyes. It had been… what? Ten years or so in Earth time that stuff like this happened? Why again so out of the blue was it coming up? I didn’t know, but I already hated it. That whole scenario significantly intensified the dysphoria I was doing my best to keep down.

Don’t get worked up, I told myself. Don’t stress out, and don’t yell at people. You need to keep being nice, in spite of… all of this. I seriously wanted to cry. This was extremely infuriating.

I held back from that though. “Discord,” I started again, more desperately. “Please. I know you did… whatever thing you did to turn me and Caramel into what we want to be. Can you please turn me into a stallion again?” It felt nothing but mean spirited to do something like that to me. It felt intentional.

“Twilight,” Discord started again, “please inform that little filly that, while I appreciate the unexpected politeness, I was informed by Princess Celestia strictly to not associate with her.”

Just stay calm. Just stay calm.

“But you were just associating with me by doing that!” I argued, still trying not to get worked up. “You’re associating with me right now by trying to talk to me through Twilight! I’m just asking for one thing! A thing you already did! Can’t you just do it again, please?”

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