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Announcing: SciSet Contest (2023 Aug 07 - Sep 17) · 4:07am August 7th

reproduced from the forum thread below the break

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one day there was an angry bacon horse who ran away to a world full of colorful non-magical hominids that inexplicably and eerily corresponded to the colorful magical horses back home. she tried to destroy the world or whatever and a purple book horse hit her with a magic beam to turn her good. and then later she meets the purple book hominid counterpart of that horse, who herself tries to destroy the world until redeemed bacon horse hits her with a magic beam to turn her good, and at some point after that they kiss. this contest is just about the last part


this time, i will be joined in judging by EileenSaysHi, writer of such SciSet works as Sunset and Twilight’s Winter Holidate, Her Warmth, and the ongoing Together from Canterlot to Canterlot!


the entry can be of any genre, as long as the story is E or T-rated and has a ship between Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer in the focus of the story. Midnight Sparkle counts as Sci-Twi, but pony Twilight does not. Demon Sunset and human Sunset both count as Sunset.

the contest begins from whenever you, personally, are reading this, and ends on 2023 Sep 17 8PM EDT. entries should be complete and placed in the contest folder before then. if you're running close, make sure to PM me the final text of your story before the deadline in case anything happens with the queue. no exceptions!

the prize pool will be at least $80 in total, with distribution to depend on the stories. more and better stories will result in more placements and money in the prize pool.

all prizes will be sent by Paypal. if you do not want to or cannot accept a cash prize, we may come to an agreement on donating it to a charity, or a commission.

there is no word limit, though please go for quality instead of quantity! you may submit multiple entries, though if you have so much time, please consider also writing for these currently-running contests:

that’s it!

happy SciSetting!

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