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Minecraft pony crossover! This is about a pegasus by the name of Dusk beam and his travels through the Overworld trying to get home.

This is just a short story, written the way I've always wanted a Minecraft/pony story to go.

I'd like to thank my wonderful wife for creating the amazing cover art for this work!


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In a universe where ponies have discovered the means to travel among the stars, an empire arose. Lead by Princess Celestia, ponykind reached out. As prophesied, there came a time when Nightmare Moon returned, threatening to bring darkness to the shining kingdom. Six brave ponies, wielding the Elements of Harmony stopped her, and peace reigned once more. Soon however, Luna found the atrocities her sister had committed in controlling her empire and staving off the threats to it. Outraged, she set in motion thousand year old plans that she thought would never be needed.

This is the story of two empires, and the the war between them.

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