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OMGWTFBBQ SO EXCITED! · 3:54am Sep 16th, 2012

Holy crap! So, just in case you didn't know, I have the greatest wife in the universe! (don't make me do the swing) And she has drawn me the greatest cover art ever!!!!

Look at this shit. This is a little slice of Fallout godliness right here. Bow down to Molestia and fuckin' present those backsides!

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Fire Ghost Teaser · 2:29am Sep 1st, 2012

“She called for you, Zealot. Even as she bled her last all she could say was your name over and over. She screamed it, she rasped it, she gurgled and cried it. Oh it was such sweet music. Her skin was, mm, sumptuous to say the least,” the Flayer purred. “Such a supple hide, so unlike my normal fare.” The creature clucked its tongue in distaste. “It lasted me for quite a while.”

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Okay... So... · 9:39am Aug 17th, 2012

Okay… so it’s been how long since I put up a Fire Ghost chapter?

That long?



Apologies to all who crave Fallout Equestria! I know that it’s an needy addiction that must be fed regularly. Really, I've been stuck on that chapter for so long... And I really don't know why. (How by all that is holy and nocturnal do some of you pump out 100k words a month?)

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Why? Maybe. · 8:29am May 15th, 2012

Why? Because it’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep.

Because that line has been stuck in my head for three hours now.

Because my mind is a swirling vortex of motionlessness right now.

I am driven to this point of existential quandary by a nihilistic impulse towards self-destructive physical and emotional tendencies. Cruelness, bitterness, regret, and apathy. Cruelness by the way is more than just an action; it is a state of mind. No one has ever beaten me as thoroughly as myself.

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NLR: Leviathan, Get Youself In The Story! · 5:15am May 8th, 2012

That's right! At the conclusion of some chapters I will pose trivia question on sci-fi or the nature of the story! The first one to guess them correctly will get to name a captain and a ship and appear! Name, Ship Type, Ship Name. And I'll fit it in at next opportunity!

Why am I doing this? Because I looooove it when other authors do it.

So, first two questions.

1. What is the nature of the Foehammer?

2. Where did I draw inspiration for the Divinus Noctis?

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Building Worlds · 8:42pm Apr 12th, 2012

In my head, and within all writers and painters and dreamers lie worlds. Endless, infinite whorls constellations of lives, universes, and worlds. Thousands of stars floating in imaginative cosmos scattered throughout the conscious depths of we creators. Within our minds, we are as gods, as beneficent or malignant as we choose. We populate these planes with whatever we see fit. From dragons, ponies, humans, or other races entirely living in cities of silver, of glass and metal, of wooden huts.

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Greatness · 5:16am Mar 22nd, 2012

Sometimes, I like to just sit and listen to the quiet of the world. I do believe that the night is sacred. There is divinity in the dark.

Appreciation for the stillness, for a state of the world around is so hard to come by. Not because few appreciate it, though that too is true, it is because those moments are so hard to find.

Maybe that’s why I love the snow so much.

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We Writers... · 9:53pm Mar 18th, 2012

Don't ever let someone tell you your dreams are foolish.

Not even yourself.

Don't let anyone bring you down.

Not even yourself.

Never think that just because you're not the best means that your voice isn't worth being heard. We are all united in our dreams. In our wishes for ourselves. We raise our stories up in the hope that they will someday fly. We lift them up hoping that others will help lift them too.

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