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When Dan awakes to find himself outside, surrounded by equines, and trees. He knows something is off, but what could possibly happening. Action, drama, romance, and fantastical humor all await him along his journey home, maybe. most likely he'll just get mad and burn things until someone gets rid of him.

I originally wrote this, and upped it to googledocs several months ago, but finally decided to start writing again, and having found this site to be much MUCH more convenient of a way to share this shameless literary masturbation I've decided to reup what I have here, and finally begin again

I would like to point out as well, this fic is NOT inspired by the dan vs FIM tumblr, The tumblr started a month ago, but if you look at the original post date of this to google, you'll see that I upped it in the middle of december. :3

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