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HI! I've written a story that I think you will like since it contains adventure and sad elements to it, but despite my best efforts, no one who has read my story has been able to give me any kind of constructive feedback.
Thus, I found your name on the Proofreader's document. Forgive me if I misunderstood how to use the document, I didn't know if the rating system meant that you were new as a proofreader or if it was designed for me: as a new writer. Anyway, after reading your description of yourself, I thought that you might be able to help me see what my story still needs.
It's primarily an adventure story that was designed to stay true to the feeling of the show, albeit darker. The characters are designed to be cannon, but I still feel that it's missing something.
Please help Aurora Song. Thank you! -MasterZadok

Hi! I'm looking for a proofreader, and I figured that you might need the experience. (Apologies if that sounds rude) I've been working on a bizarre story recently-It's a ya-oi shipfic based inside the Rainbow Factory- and I was wondering if you have any issues with Dark stories or shipfics? If you think you could lend me a hoof with this, please don't hesitate to message me back. Thanks! :raritywink:

298487 hello, im starting a little story of mine and i need a proof reader and a looooot of help with the grammar if you think you can help, i really appreciate it.

here is the link, take a look and tell me what you think, i only have the prologue ready because i'm waiting for a proof reader to continue.


298055 No problem. Keep up the work, 'cuz it's gonna inspire a lot of people.

Huge thanks for being the 500th thumbs up for Exit Through Canterlot! :heart:

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