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  • TPrincesses Don't Potty
    Twilight realizes she hasn't ever seen Celestia excuse herself to use the bathroom.
    CDRW · 26k words  ·  2,411  42 · 28k views
  • TA Still More Glorious Dawn Awaits
    Luna's back from exile, and she's not Nightmare Moon.
    CDRW · 73k words  ·  400  15 · 11k views
  • TQueen
    Celestia has received grave news. The changelings are coming. Now it is up to her to figure out their intentions before it is too late. If she can understand Queen Chrysalis, maybe she can avert the oncoming disaster.
    CDRW · 5.2k words  ·  51  0 · 1.3k views
  • TVoodoo
    There were drums in the Everfree, heralding those who hunted. Even here they dared molest, to try and take from her the last and most precious possession she had. That which was written into the very name of the forest itself; her freedom.
    CDRW · 1.6k words  ·  41  0 · 842 views