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Someone who hijacked the orbital defence grid. Let's hope it doesn't have to be used.

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THIS STORY IS PERMANENTLY CANCELLED. I'm sorry, but between losing the original drafts several times over, moving half a country away from a co-author who has since left the fandom, and (most importantly) a crippling lack of motivation, this story has finally been pulled off of life support. Thank you to those who enjoyed it while it lasted, and I'm sorry it didn't develop further.
TL;DR is up top here, while the longer, original description is down below the break.

An advanced, U.N.-built and -run battleship built as a new class of weapons system dropped off the face of the Earth during its Shakedown Cruise, but that doesn't mean it was destroyed - far from it, in fact, as several ponies are about to find out....


((Original, longer description begins here. Looking at you, TNaB.))

It just won't stop.

First it was the Taliban, then the Jihadis of Al-Quaeda. And when they all seemed to be done, we let our guard down, and now Geneva, Belgium is a nuclear wasteland irradiated more than even Pripyat. How will the world react when the Representatives of every UN, NATO, EU, and G8 nation are glassed by nuke-happy Mongolian Extremists, Hell-bent on restoring the Golden Hoarde of Ghengis Kahn?


Everyone gets so pissed, even Kim-Li Jung (the son of Kim-Jong Un) gives up trying to nuke Washington, D.C. for the sake of retaliation against the Kahnites.

However, by the year 2030, technology has advanced enough to where, when Sub-Hypersonic Commercial Air Travel is common and Mankind has the technology to start Terraforming Mars to be more hospitable to humans, just how much of such technological development has reached the Military and its Departments of Research?

Enough to say three words:
Railgun-Armed Battleships.

However, such a ship has not been truly tested in the field; in fact, the joint-UN testbed prototype unit is the only one that has truly worked more than a few hours in a CAD program or simulated firing ranges. But when duty calls, its all-hands on deck for a glimpse of the world's future militaries.

Just.... what is the purpose of this secure computer terminal next to the navigation consoles? Oh well, it has the internet, and Three-Star Admiral of the United Stated Navy - SOCOM Fritz S. SturmWanderer never did get to completely see the rest of that one animated show that his late daughter loved so much, that one of the last things she asked for from her Father was to watch the show to the end for her, and let her know what happened in the great after. Well, we're sailing from Norfolk, Virginia to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, so he should have some time, right?

... Right?

"Oh hell, now was die schei├če have I gotten us into this time?"
-Admiral Fritz S. SturmWanderer


FYI: this is a CO-AUTHORED JOINT-VENTURE between myself and a wonderful friend of mine, a one Mr. Dasubur. You will be seeing various pieces throughout the story from both of our collaborative efforts into this, please keep this in mind while reading due to the different writing styles. In a nutshell, he edits my chapters, and I edit his; and we conglomerate daily to discuss how to take this along without stringing the loose ends out to strangle the plot. Thank you.

A/N: Yes, that's an Anthro tag. Yes, there may-or-may-not be some form of Nudity/Explicitly Adult Content. Yes, this is currently accurate. Yes, the tags are subject to change. Yes, the "Terrorists" are Mongolians. What, did you expect to have Space-Nazis from the surface of Venus? Let's not use an already-overused stereotype cliche, eh? You have problem? My complaint department, led by a one Miss Pinkamena Diane Pie, is now taking preliminary rants. Thank you for your patronism.

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