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Someone who hijacked the orbital defence grid. Let's hope it doesn't have to be used.


Star Wars: Republic Commando · 9:15am Apr 11th, 2016

Before about 2300 hours last night, I hadn't played SW:RC in literal years (beyond the one-level demo the Classic X-Box got for placing a certain movie into the disk tray). Then, because of Steam Family Sharing with my brother, I was able to download the game, and play through the entire campaign in one run - and despite being on medium, I never had my whole squad down once (we certainly came close, to the point of if any member of the squad took one more hit we'd be dead, and we were

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Yup, got a story idea that's gnawing the fates to get out - so I'm going to unleash a demon from the lair of Hades... · 7:40am Dec 7th, 2013

I can't stol it any longer - I /have/ to write a Tony Stark in Equestria fanfic, because nopony can resist the swagger of a certain genious billionaire playboy philanthropist that any Iron Man / The Avengers fan knows and loves...

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New Story Idea?! · 1:39am May 29th, 2013

So, a few of my friends (Dasubur and WhitePony44, to name a few) gave me the inspiration for a new story concept, that escapades a twisted history to the fabled Physics-Busting Pinkamena Diane Pie. If you want a hint to what the story will entail, the only hint that I will give is to: look at my new icon image. It describes a few of the details that will be portrayed upon - and played upon - inside the story, but that's all you're getting from me for spoilers, you all will have to wait until

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