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17 year old Kirigaya Kazuto is an «SAO Survivor», one of the few hundred players who escaped the shackles of the infamous VMMORPG-turned-death-game «Sword Art Online». Years later, he finds himself in the position of beta tester for a new game of the same genre, set in a world known as «Equestria Legends Online» (or «ELO») only to find that his log out button has gone missing once again.

A SAO/MLP Crossover.

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Rarity, a friend you've known since forever, has come to visit. She's gonna clean your ears, if that's okay with you.

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Jaemin Song; a cello prodigy who dominated the competition, whose name was known to all musicians, both young and old. When a sudden tragedy throttles his life, he suffers a mental breakdown while performing, leaving him unable to hear the sound of his own instrument.

Years later, the once renowned prodigy has retired music for good. Content with living out the rest of his life in normalcy, an eighteen year old boy laboriously puts one foot in front of the other as the days pass him by until his life is once again turned on it's head by the arrival of a girl named Octavia. Oh, but this is a story about music, not love.

Then again, is there really a difference?

Octavia / Vinyl / OC. Humanized.

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An utterly true account of what might occur if I were to be transported to Equestria.

Or, you know, something like that.


I wrote this years ago.

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