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Wilbur is a cynical stallion who owns a truffling business.

The only catch is that none of his pigs are actually capable of detecting truffles, and in turn, it has left poor Wilbur to resort to scamming ponies into buying his pigs to stay out of poverty. Everything changes for Wilbur when something happens that changes his skepticism for good.

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A pony visits a cemetery on Hearth's Warming Eve to celebrate the holiday in his own special way, visiting the resting place of his father and countless others every other year.

"Not everypony takes the time to relish in the fact that they're still here, let alone give thanks to those who put them here. You don't have to give thanks to just ponies you know, the smallest act of kindness goes a long way."

This was a short one shot I wrote for Thanksgiving, in a three hour timeframe.

Chapters (1)