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After many centuries, Princess Celestia gets to truly enjoy the dawn of perhaps the first new day Equestria has seen in ages.

A very short reflective one-shot, inspired by the works of fellow authors Martian and Hoof and Quill.

Now featuring a Dramatic Reading!

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Big Macintosh is a quiet, sensible farm-pony, who thought his wilder days in his high-school rock band were behind him. But sometimes, a pony might find he hasn't changed as much as he thought...

A story of ponies and heavy metal music, totally not to be taken seriously!

Cover image by xXHazukiXx on DeviantArt.

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Big Macintosh finally finds the courage to pursue the mare of his dreams with a gentle nudge or two from some friends. But will the hustle and bustle of the Royal City be too much for the humble farm-pony? TwiMac.

Cover image by xXHazukiXx on deviantArt.

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