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Pardon me. Now it begins. · 7:43am Jan 18th, 2015

-Who here is evil? Sound off!
-I'm evil.
-I'm evil!
-No, you are not.
- Oh I am so!
-You're as harmless as a baby's...butt.

I'm making a crossover with those last two characters if anyone could guess where this dialogue is from. I still can't believe such a xover hasn't even been done already. Oh, but *pfft* noone's reading this anyway, I've yet to publish even one story. And I've been on a stand still on one of its parts for a few days now, but soon confused reader. Soon.

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Thank you for adding my story Variables to your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you could enjoy the piece—despite it mostly being Spike talking to a rock!:twilightblush:

Thanks for the watch! :pinkiehappy:

You're welcome!

You're welcome!

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