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After waking up alone and trapped in Equestria, I found myself treated with noticeable caution by its inhabitants. Not that I blame them; I am a predator species after all, but that still doesn’t make it easy. Will I ever find my place in this world? Turns out I may not be so alone in my struggle for acceptance. Following Luna’s return, the bat-ponies are also faced with adversity and although most ponies see their return as ultimately positive, it only takes a couple bad apples to spoil the bunch. We are all individuals, with strengths and weaknesses and should treat each other as such. Unfortunately, not everypony sees it that way and although it’s natural to group yourself (and others) together, it’s still ultimately harmful.

Cover art by byDaliaPamela on DeviantArt

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An unlikely pair of ponies meet sometime after a mysterious plague wipes out most of Pony-Kind. Thalia, a shy and somewhat sheltered Unicorn meets another of her kind, who at first is not keen on the idea of her tagging along with him, but they soon grow a bond and begin to uncover the truth about what caused the sudden collapse of pony society.

So myself and my buddy Tairaisvuroium started a new RP based on a post apocalyptic version of the MLP world. This is our first post. The result of a full solid night of work. :work: A lot of unexplained themes in this I know, but I've always thought that exactly what a first chapter should do, as I stated in my S5 Season Opener Analysis.

Lemmie know what you think.

Midnight Shadow ©: SoulDragonWithFlow
Thalia ©: Tairaisvuroium
Survivors ©: souldragonwithflow & Tairaisvuroium

MLP:FIM ©: Hasbro

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