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I'm a 26 year old brony trying to control the beast inside me. I’ve just recently started writing my own story, but my main objective is to help other fimfiction users.

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Marcus Thorne is a very talented Pokémon trainer who has a very troublesome history. His past has caused him to eventually become a near emotionless man who is cold to both people and Pokémon. One day as he and his companions are descending Mt. Silver, the suddenly end up in an entirely new dimension. One that is not inhabited by either Pokémon or humans.

Though it’s not my style, I decided to make this my very first story. The story here takes place during season 8 and is an alternate universe which will ignore any events that will happen in the final season. Since this is my first story, I could actually use some constructive criticism.

I don’t own anything.

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