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Halo Crossover
Lima-030 is a Spartan III code named Dragon. He is sent on a mission with the objective to extract information from an Elite corvette and then terminate the ship. He does just that and winds up on Equestria of which he has no knowledge of up to this point. He also finds himself not just on an unknown planet, he has magically become the planet's native species, a pony. He wasn't the only one to survive the destruction of the Covenant vessel, a large group of ponified Elites appear upon Equestria's surface.

This story was started fall of 2011 shortly after I had become a brony. At the time, I had only seen about half of season 1 so anything that is wrong about the characters used are most likely due to this. I wrote the first chapter and part of the second chapter in a month and then stopped for what ever reason. I then continued and have about three or four chapters done by February. I didn't write everyday, just when I had an idea or was in the mood. I hadn't got around to posting any of the chapters before because I was busy and hadn't gotten around to it. The main character Dragon is a character I had originally created for a project I might get to called The Last Spartans. Basically, he is an experimental Spartan III that had augmentations that made him impervious to many human weapons and other things. The down side was that it messed with his mind causing him to have hallucination and made him destroy the wrong people and objects. To try and repair him, the UNSC scientists restricted his memories and emotions. He forgot his original name, his parents and younger brother, and when he rarely feels emotion, his anger is spiked to dangerous levels followed by sadness and pain.

This is my first fanfiction and I would like to know what things I could improve on. Also I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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