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We are reflected in an uprooted, shattered tree. · 3:13pm Last Sunday

I can't be the only one who realizes that these kids are suppose to be the fandom, right?

Silverstream is the artists all over Deviantart and the Equestria Daily Drawfriends. Smoulder is in that same vein, but is less concerned with expressing herself, and more with leaving an impression on people. In our community, she would have chased Horse Fame, and would be perturbed as to why Pony videos don't get so many views as they use to.

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Last for the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Brony Club · 6:34am Dec 9th, 2017

Tonight, December 8th, 2017 was the last meeting of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Brony Club. All that was left was Gage and Dominick, and me video-chatting through Discord. We began in 2013 with half a dozen regular members, and could reach over a dozen at times. But Dominick is graduating, and Gage won't be running the club by himself. I myself graduated last year. Our founders Kyle and Craig graduated the year before me. A lot of us have gone our own ways in life.

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KEEP…SWIMMING…KEEP…SWIMMING…! · 5:12am Jul 8th, 2016

So two Tuesdays ago, the 28th of June, I was visiting my mother's parents in Michigan. Guess what movie we decided to see?

That night I immediately put my thoughts up on Tumblr, and I'm frustrated it took me this long to get around to mentioning on a the site I've frequented even more.

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Slice of Life (the episode title, not the genre, wonder if that'll be an issue often) · 12:07am Jun 16th, 2015

Slice of Life
Season 5, episode 9
Written by M.A. Larson

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"Simple Ways" Response · 5:01am Feb 9th, 2014

Wow. I was seriously conflicted as to whether or not I would rank this below Rainbow Falls. After much mental deliberation (which involved writing most of the stuff below), RF shall remain my pick for “Worst of Season 4.” However, both of these episodes are terrible in their own ways, which made it hard to put them side by side. Rainbow Falls is one of the worst episodes of MLP to date through sheer incompetence: annoying side characters, uncreative and grating dialogue,

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