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  • 8 weeks

    I hope you've all been enjoying this holidays, regardless of your denomination. Even really unreligious people can feel boosted this time of year, with the excuse to hang out with family & friends, the general energy of cheer, and long vacations. Chances are, a lot of people on this site associate this time of year with a baby who had to sleep in a pig trough.

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  • 19 weeks
    When Pinkie Pie goes to Hell.

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  • 119 weeks
    The morse at the end reads "This is the end."

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  • 121 weeks
    Time and time again.

    I would rewind my VHS of Zombie Island over and over and over to watch this sequence. I am impressed how Prince managed to give it a somehow more grimdark tone (on the visual level) with Ponies and a smaller animation budget.

    I hope you all had an enjoyable Halloween (and Ciderfest)!

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  • 126 weeks
    My greatest apprehensions for the new My Little Pony movie & generation.

    Today MLP Generation 5 has been made available on Netflix, and on Saturday I’ll be seeing it with my friends in the Milwaukee Bronies. I’ve had an uneasy feeling about it, and finally putting much of that into words was helpful. It was certainly interesting, and I’d like to share it with other people. I’ve done so with only a few, but I want to put this out there before anyone thinks my opinion

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When Pinkie Pie goes to Hell. · 2:15am Oct 16th, 2023

"That bitch is halfway down the street." The new voice actor is apparently one Blake Roman. He sounds good. But I'll always be thinking of Michael Kovach. He led the way with the pilot, and he did all the singing in Addict. He's also who all the fandubs have been modeling themselves after. (Mainly the great Paranoid DJ, whose Angel tracks I've listened to on repeat.)

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