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Just a depressed kid wanting to have people read his works of fiction, also wouldn't mind doing a colab on a story or two

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Fishing, one of the many things I found enjoyable since I came to this world of techno-color ponies.

Chase is my name and ever since I came to this world there has been no peace and quiet, if it's not Twilight dragging me off to play 20 questions about me or my home world, Rarity wanting to make outfits for me, or any one else wanting me to do something that is to help them with their needs then I am most likely to be found at my lake front home fishing off the dock.

Crass language is used throughout the story if you don't like it then tough shit

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It was only a matter of time before Sunset knew she would be in this situation she just didn't know it would be like this, everything was going well until she got in a little fight with her flatmate.

Now with no where to go and stuck with a decent compact car she sets off to where ever and tries to live on her own or live as best she can.

Events transpire after Legend of everfree

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Coming home from work one day, something felt off. I get a knock on the door from two police officers and they tell me my family is dead, a car wreck took there lives on a Thursday. These are the events leading up to the funeral and the last goodbye at the cemetery.

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