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Just a depressed kid wanting to have people read his works of fiction, also wouldn't mind doing a colab on a story or two


Get this.... · 7:18pm Jun 2nd, 2017

So get this. Just re watched rainbow rocks right and I was thinking how it was oddly familiar, it reminded me of a story I wrote back in 2011 on a different site. So I progress through the movie which lets be honest here, it was ok but needed a lot of work done. I admit it's for the target audience of little kids. But seriously.

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Spell check and Grammar help, also the flow of the story · 3:58am Jul 25th, 2016

I have not written a new story in a long time and would like to have a little bit of help with the spelling issues and grammatical issues that seem to be apart of my stories, plus if anyone would like to read my new story before I submit it and tell me where I can improve that would be a great help to me when I write because I only do this on the weekends and a little bit during the week because I am busy with my full time job and getting ready for trips within the upcoming week.

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I think I might be leaving the fandom for a while · 9:02pm Nov 22nd, 2015

I have been thinking about leaving the mlp fandom, there have been a lot of determining factors for me just by watching the show, I kind of lost interest after the mid season finale for this season (5) I have been a fan since the beginning and that was thanks to one of my best friends.

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The day that stopped · 8:41pm Jul 10th, 2015

Hey guys, thanks to the people who read this storyThe day that stopped

I would like some feedback on what I need to improve upon and just constructive criticism. ive written stories on FimFiction before, but this is one where I would like to have some feedback.

A little bit about this story:
It was a personal story that I had trouble writing because I hope this never happens in my lifetime.

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proofreading for stories could someone help with this · 9:48pm Mar 13th, 2014

I have decided to start writing stories again on here, one thing wrong with this. I can't pass the mods and what not, grammar and punctuation issues on my part. If someone could take the time to read over my stories and tell me where I need to improve a paragraph and so on, that would be much appreciated if not then oh well right

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Untitled Songs · 10:16am Dec 24th, 2012

coming out with a new story and deleting all the others, I am going to be working on a story abut Octavia and you (the main character) its abut when you are listening to Octavia your fiance (and soon to be wife) play her cello and get lost in her playing and then you go on a flashback trip on how you are in this relationship with Octavia.

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random update · 5:01am Nov 15th, 2012

i have been working on a story but i haven't finished it at all i am not even close to being done I'm booked with homework and my music

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bumming a smoke · 11:39pm Oct 9th, 2012

had time to think on a story today while out with the guys having a smoke the title is called bumming a smoke it is about when you are sitting in a boring school assembly when you meet this girl. unbeknownst to you it is Applejack, your friendship only starts when you share a smoke with her.

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New story: Friends · 5:47am Oct 8th, 2012

I am currently writing a story called Friends. It's based on true events that happen to me. Why you might ask. Because I have nothing else to write about

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grammar and spelling issues · 9:33pm Sep 12th, 2012

I know that I have a lot of grammar and spelling issues with my stories that is because I upload everything from my iPod I barley get on the main website for posting a story or writing a blog like I am doing right now. I just re uploaded the second chapter of Sunshine on my shoulders because I am getting hell about my grammar and spelling. I do think about that stuff but I just don't have the time in the day to send it to myself in an email and then proof read it and then post it. School takes

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