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This story is a sequel to The Struggles of Running a Book Store

Arcanica, once in denial, has come to fully embrace her destiny as the Herald to the Outer Beings, with all the weirdness and annoyances that entails. Her best friends and fellow Elements have her back and are ready to help her at a moment's notice. But it's not all fun and games when dealing with the problems of Demon Gods.
The Prophecy is still in effect, and the Gods are watching Equestria more closely than ever before as forces both old and new stir. How will the Herald face these unknown struggles? Will her friends be able to retain their sanity? And just how is she supposed to juggle her two jobs with all this hero work?!

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Anna had an okay life for a college student. She was studying to be a lawyer, had a reasonable job at a gas station and a best friend to play video games with. But when a small green pegasus appears in her apartment, she finds that maybe being around this pony wasn't the worse possible thing. After all, she couldn't be all bad when she's this friendly, right?

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Everypony thought Pinkie was just being her usual, bizarre self. When she started acting strange while talking about a new friend she had made, they just chalked it up to "Pinkie being Pinkie."
They shouldn't have assumed that.

Contains: Lovecraftian elements, demonic summoning, ignoring potential dangers, and Pinkie not knowing what she's doing

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Being a successful author, especially when you don't want anypony to know who you are, can be a lot of work. When she moved to Ponyville calling herself Page Turner, she was so convinced she had finally found somewhere nice and peaceful to keep working while running a small book store. Unfortunately, a certain purple unicorn moving to town means nothing can ever be so simple.

Includes: Sarcasm, Lovecraftian influences, and observing the events of the show from the perspective of somepony just trying to live their life.

Updates on Tuesday and Friday

Edit: Rewrote Chapters 1 and 2 to feel more up to par with the rest of the story.

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