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How far are you willing to go to help some one? How much are you willing to give up? How much will fluttershy give to save everyone? Will she succeed? Or will this ever kind flower wither and die before it see's the sun again? Based of the AU underfell.
This is a crossover between my little pony and the undertale AU underfell. Inspired by flowerfell the AU for the underfell AU. Mostly inspired to do it because of the original song secret garden by EmpathP on youtube.com
Link here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH3bMZXA4W8

Disclaimer I don't own any thing mentioned above.

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Staring out at the desert i cant help but wonder how if i could have done better. Was there a way that i could have proven that it wasn't cadence at the wedding? Maybe if i had i would be home in Equestria in stead of here at Enotita. Maybe i would still be a unicorn instead of a kirin. Maybe i would still be a scholar instead of a guard. Maybe i would still be the prince's student. Maybe.

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