• Published 3rd Feb 2019
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Secret garden - DNC

How far are you willing to go to help some one? How much are you willing to give up? How much will fluttershy give to save everyone? Will she succeed? Or will this ever kind flower wither and die before it see's the sun again?

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Chapter 1

Secret Garden

The Garden Part One / the Fall


Silence. Nothing but the sound of the crunching snow as I walk. Nothing else accompanies me as I walk through the castle gardens. A cold breeze stirs the gentle snow fall, making me glad for the warmth of my winter jacket. It was an old thing but one I cherish for the memories. It was black with yellow trim on the zipper running up the center along with a thin yellow band wrapping around each arm just below the shoulders. The bands met circles enclosing symbols in the center, red fanged skulls with scimitar like blades crossed under them. Finishing the old coat was a hood lined with grey cotton, currently pulled up completely hiding my face.

On my back a pair of bone bat wings rustled in the cold air, bring my attention from said fleshless appendages to another. Resting just at the base of my back is a long segmented tail of pure bone shaped not unlike a spine with a thorn shaped blade at the end. Both things I gained that day so long ago.

The shrieking whistle and loud bang of fireworks draws my attention back to town and the festival being held there within. Grinning with a slight sharp toothed smile, I turned back and continued on to my destination.

Guided by the old footprints of those who came before me I soon arrived at my destination. A small hedge maze stood before me, though it really only went in a spiral to the center. Above the arched entrance was a sign made of black wood and golden letters stating this, (the secret garden). I always thought it to be a bit much, but then I never did like making a big deal out of my self, even before that day.

Entering the “maze” the cold dissipates do to the hedge forming a roof and the floating ball of golden mage fire providing both light and warmth for those who chose to walk the corridor. Every were you look the hedge walls and ceiling are decorated by small yellow flower. The site of them brings back both pleasant and frightening memories from that day. Going down the path I soon come across a raised stand. It was made of black wood with gold lettering, one of many depicting the story of the breaking. The day the barrier was broken and every one was granted freedom from not only the underground but the mistakes and pain of the past as well. Stopping at the waist high stand I began to reminisce as I read again the first part of the story.

Ten years earlier

POV fluttershy

A flash of light, that was how it began. A flash of light as a mountain appeared within the everfree. Then a flash of light as my cute mark glowed, the map and by extension the tree of harmony telling me I was needed. Groaning a bit I made my way to twilight’s castle thankful it was at the edge of town given my current situation.

Twilight’s castle, the castle of friendship was made of crystal and largely resembled a tee in shape. Entering the front doors I made my way to the throne room both to see were the map wanted me to go and because I knew the others would be there to discuss the mounted that appeared.

Entering the throne room I found the other girls, spike and even princess Celestia and Luna along with discord. The latter of who seemed to be arguing with Luna about something when I entered. “We can’t just send her alone to this mount ebott!” Luna shouted at discord “We don’t know have any idea of what up there, it’s too dangerous!”

The argument and all other conversation ended when I entered and the door closed behind me. They all turned to look at me but could do no more than stare in shock with the exemption of rarity, twilight, and discord. Retreating behind my mane at the present staring I whited silently blushing for someone to break the silence and explain my current state to those who didn’t already know.

It was twilight who broke the silence. She was the alicorn of friendship, with both a horn and wings matching her lavender coat. She had light purple eyes, as well as a dark blue mane and tail both cut strait at the ends, and marked by a single strand of purple and pink in the center.

It was with a sheepish look on face that she confesses to her mishap earlier in the week. “I umm, I was trying to help rarity to make enchanted clothing that would change size with the wearer. It was manly meant for goring children, so that pones didn’t have to get new cloths every month or so. I thought the when the book said that the spell was only temporary that I could cancel it out at any time but…” she trailed off looking away as everyone gave her different looks.

Princess Celestia the alicorn of the sun and twilights former teacher gave her one that was a mix between amusement and nostalgia, no doubt brought about by the thought of other similar mistakes twilight had made when she was still a filly. She had a snow white coat with light purple eyes. Her mane and tail a rainbow of blue, green, purple, and pink, ever flowing in a nonexistent breeze.

Princess Luna the alicorn of the moon looked unimpressed and almost like she was resisting the urge to face palm. She had a dark blue coat and turquoise green eyes. Her mane and tail were a lighter shade of blue than her coat and filed with small bright lights making it seem like it was a piece of the night sky itself.

Looking just plain amused was discord the god of chaos. He was a chimera of animals with a long serpentine body. A pink rigged red dragon tail with a tuff of white hair at the end met a long thin brown mane body. His right leg is a green two clawed lizard leg well his left is a brown cloven gout leg. His right arm is a lion paw well his left is a griffin claw. Have way up his back is a single blue Pegasus wing on the left and a dark purple bat wing on the right. He had a long grey neck and head with a short black Mohawk on the back of his neck. For a face he had a white goatee and thick white eye brows with red eyes and yellow Sclera. Atop his head was a blue gout horn to the left and a dear antler on the right. Finishing with a long snagglfang coming out the right side of his mouth discord was an interesting character too look at.

Apple jack gave her best raised eye brow “really?” look. She was an orange earth pony with green emerald green eyes and a blond mane and tail both bound with a red band at the ends.

Trying her hardest not to laugh was Rainbow dash. She was a light blue Pegasus with purple eyes. Her mane and tail usually in an unkempt style were unique in that they were literally every color of the rainbow.

Rarity had a look much like twilight. She was a unicorn with a white coat and deep crystal blue eyes. Her purple mane and tail are elegantly styled in curls.

Standing there giggling with her ever present smile was pinkie pie a light pink earth pony who’s eyes were a light sky blue. Her main and tail were a darker shade of pink than her coat and above all it was poofy.

Finally was spike who was a young dragon with dark green eyes. He had purple scales covering most his body save for the light green going from his chin to the underside tip of his tail. Green fins on either side of his head served as his ears well dark green fins went from the top of his head like a Mohawk down to the spade tip of his tail. He was face palming.

As for myself. My name is fluttershy; I am a butter yellow Pegasus with a long light pink mane and tail, the former currently being used to hide my face showing only one of my blue eyes. The reason for there state everyone is in right now is due to the fact that I look like I’m only 12 when I’m actually 22 years old.

In an attempt to rescue some of her pride twilight spoke out again. “On the bright side the enchantment dose work.” She said with a forced smile well gesturing to the thick dark green wool shirt covering me. And she was right too. Be for when I looked like an eight year old it still fit the same way it does now. If not for everything around me getting smaller from time to time I wouldn’t have noticed that I was growing back to my normal size.

The shirt itself was still bigger than me by a good deal. The sleeves too long went past my hands well the extra wide neck hung on one shoulder, slipping off and resting just past the other shoulder. The main body was so big and baggy it looked and acted more like a winter dress than a shirt. I didn’t even need nor have pants and I wasn’t worried it was so long coming down just above my knees.

Sighing Luna trend back to the group and continued addressing them. “This is all the more reason we can’t let her go as the map commands. We can’t let fluttershy go to this Monte ebott. Not like she is now.”

Celestia was next to speak countering her sister’s argument. “Well I would like to agree with you Luna; we all know that the map cannot be denied. It chooses to call when the time is best. Even if we cannot understand now is the right time for fluttershy to go and solve the problem at hand. Both the friendship problem and the mystery of why the mountain appeared.”

Discords laughter stopped Luna’s report. “Oh my dear if you wanted to know that I could have told you for the asking. A spell similar the one that sombra used on the crystal empire was cast on the mountain too. Only this one was much stronger. That place predates even me, and it is only by chance that I know its name.” he said with a grin stretched across his face.

Well the others voiced their support or concern about this all I looked to the map to confirm there words. There floating above Mont ebott was a pink butter fly, my cute mark. Looking back at every on else I found my voice and made a stamen that surprised every one present. “I’ll do it.” Once again hiding behind my mane as they all trend to face me again with shocked faces I continued. “If the map needs me to go there than I have to go. If someone needs my help than I can’t just stand around and do nothing. Though I might need some help getting there.” I stated looking back at the map and seeing just how far in the forest mount ebott was.

With another sigh Luna and every one else who had objections backed down. “Very well” the princes coincided. “But I will be keeping an eye on things through my dream waking.” Seeing the confused looks me spike and the girls were giving her Luna explained further. “I can astral project myself as well when in dream state. Well I cannot interact with the real world in such a state I will be able to keep an eye on things. And should you come to need aid I will know to send it, if I do not come myself.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the news, knowing the princes was going to be looking after me went a long way to sooth the fear I myself was feeling about the howl thing. I could not say why but somehow I got the feeling I was going to need help be for whatever task the map asked of me was complete.

Floating over to me discord spoke up. “Right then it everything is settled we should be on are way. I can have you there in an instant.”

Giving him a nod after receiving everyone’s wishes for good luck he snapped his fingers and in a flash of light I found myself on a platform near the top of the mountain. Bracing my self-agents the cold, well thanking the sweater and my Pegasus heritage for resistances to the cold I began to look around. The view of the everfree was truly amazing from up here.

Turning to him I asked discord the question I had cents he claimed to know nothing more than the mountain’s name. “How much do you really know about this place discord?”

Laughing he gave me his replay with an amused smile. “Haaa. You know me too well my dear. Yes I do know a good deal more than I let on but I’m afraid I can’t tell you much myself.” Taking on a rare serious look he continued. “I will be honest though my dear this will be the hardest trial you have ever faced. Even I cannot tell if you will make out of this alive.” Ending with a sadder and worried tone he snapped his fingers one more time, making a black shoulder satchel appear on me. At my curious look he explained. “Trust me; you’re going to need it. Good luck, and try to stay safe. You have people counting on you to come back after all.”

After he flash away I turned to look at the hole I found in front of me. Looking down I could only see darkness from within. Getting scared I tried to back way but instead slipped on a loos rock and fell forward into the darkness below. To surprised and afraid to spread my wings I could only fall. As I fell into what I would later come to know as the underground I had no idea what was coming, no idea of how many I would save, no idea of how much I myself would sacrifice to set the monsters free.

Author's Note:

Can you tell who it was at the beginning?:unsuresweetie: