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In the land of Equestria long before Twilight or any of her friends were born the kingdom was ruled not by the alicorn sisters but by a king. King Sleigh instead of ruling with harmony rules with the absolute certainty that the unicorn race is far superior than the pegasi or earth ponies. Those born without the gift of magic seen as something inferior and not to be cared for except as labor.

But how long can a kingdom of hate and fear survive? Cities are rising up against their oppressor and in the midst of it all strange rumors are circulating of the two responsible for this. Rumors speaking of them possessing both horn and wings.

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It's the last days before Cadences wedding, a time that should be completely free from trouble,something which does not apply to Luna. Not only has she her own guard to deal with, she doesn't seem able to grow any fond feelings whatsoever for her niece. Is this just an auntie phase she is going through, or is there another reason entirely? And if there is, what does this mean if she is the only one to feel it?

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