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Terry the human

A southern brony that loves to read and write. My oc Heat Wave and I are ready to explore this big huge site.

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Caramel Apple is excited, she and her husband Dark Moon are spending their first ever Hearts Warming Night together. She is overjoyed to be spending her favourite holiday with the stallion that she loves more then anything else.

A story for Admiral Biscuit, written for Jinglemas 2018. Also has been proofread by The Blue EM2.

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Logan and Shirley Parker don't have the best life. As teenagers they don't have a family of their own or someone to turn, that is until both of them entered the land of Equestria. When there they meets two ponies named Soarin' and Braeburn, but what happens when the two people that there trying to help can't remember their past.

After a bit of time Braeburn and Soarin' ask them a question that could change everything.

Chapters (1)
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