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Proofread and Edited by Chase Nimble. Based on Ten rounds by Defoloce. It was originally going to be a one shot but I have written this at 01:44 AM, and need my beauty sleep.
Evolution brought about another species whose intelligence vastly outclassed our own. They took us on without warning, without provocation, and they won. Now, the last of our kind are struggling to survive. Will they find somewhere to call home, or will they perish under the rule of this new, more powerful species? Well, one band of humans won't bow to Celestia, it's the humans instinct.

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Corporal "Mak Thine," a everyday pony, is drafted into Celestia's Sun army after Celestia declared war on The Democratic Republic Of Vietnam to back up the losing United States.Him and his platoon are positioned in Khe Sanh, near the front lines were they will be confronted by the most tactical and ferocious of the National Liberal Federation; the Viet Cong.

A small project we have been working on.

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