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Art Commission open! · 12:35pm Nov 29th, 2016

[Commission Chart Ver. 1.0] updated:29/11/2016
Everything done Via DevArt, yo!
I do commissions of images from various fandoms! Steven Universe, MLP, Gravity Falls, Undertale, the list goes on! OCs Too!
CoverArt Gets discounts! :pinkiecrazy:
My DevArt


The mirror pool · 12:12pm Nov 19th, 2016

Where the brambles are the thickest,
And howls of wind make blood curl,
There you find,
Where our pony reflections whirl,
A pond beyond the thickest vines,
Blackened and thorned like a lady's fate,
A whisper travelling from th' romane ear,
And though curiosity is tempting bait,
'Tis not a tale many a foal should hear.

Coming soon....
Mirror Pool
(Entirely done in rhymes(annoying as f) the tragic tale of the cursed pool,
Brought to you by Chaos Cloud Productions,

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Exams over · 12:42pm Oct 8th, 2016


Exams over.
Updates will resume around nextweek-ish?
I think....

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A little thing. · 11:04am Sep 17th, 2016

First off, my exams will be over in bout 3-4 weeks, so have relief! Updates are comming back soon! Yay!
Second of all, to the Undertale people, have a great undertale anniversary! Have some art to commemorate the occasion, too!

Yay Undertale!


Updates and snails · 10:58am Aug 15th, 2016

So, having a good day so far, everyone?:twilightsmile:
This is a little message, stating that story updates will be slowing down, as I have exams in a few weeks time, and in about a month, I may stop updating entirely for a 2-3 week period.:raritydespair:
Stupid exams.:fluttershbad: Why can't I live without you???
(Don't despair, keep reading:fluttershyouch:)

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Bad day? · 10:07am Aug 11th, 2016

Join the club. (No, not really.)
You having a bad day? Tell me about it! Go right to the comments and rant for fifteen hours! Please do! Dun get depressed! Please just remember you're never alone, and yes, I did this because there are too many depressed people out there who may appreciate a helping hand or listening ear. And I can be that ear! So, go ahead, rant!
I said-RANT!
I just finished 3 bottles of soda and eleven chocolate chips. I don't have a problem!

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The New Statue! · 12:14pm Aug 6th, 2016

There is a new Coverart for The crying statue!
hope you people like it; it lacks the title, though...

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Not feeling top game... · 12:28pm Aug 5th, 2016

I am sick. Simple as that. I caught it from someone else, and now I can't talk and can't concentrate. Owwie...the world is spinning. I knew I should have seen a doctor when i first started having a sore throat. Now i can't speak! My throat is going to get sandpapered off, I swear...
Guhhh. Sorry for the inconvenience guys! I need to recover!:fluttershysad:

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Descriptionsies!!! · 11:09am Aug 3rd, 2016

So, If you were wondering about the changes in the description for the story, The Crying Statue, its because It has progressed much further than the HeartBreak-Oneshot it originally was. The story probably will still have less than 10,000 words on completion, but it is stretched a little further than just Discord"s feelings while inside the statue. The story will involve how people feel about it, and how his imprisonment affected him even after he was reformed. However, if you guys think the

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The Ultimate Animal Showdown · 7:16am Jul 31st, 2016

Sorry! The next chapter of the Fluttercordiest is delayed due to my other fics. Yes, I am horrible at schedules.:fluttercry:
The Ultimate Animal Showdown will be split into two chapters, so I am not overloaded, and so each chapter is of good quality. Part one will be out soon.
I am so sorry for the delay, please don't hate me.

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