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When Principal Cinch returns to her old school house, more specifically her art class, to collect some stuff she left before getting fired by the board, She gets a not-so-friendly visit from the cartoon characters created by an old classmate of hers, the Mane 7...

Inspired by/based on the hit BatIM song, Welcome Home, written and sung by SquigglyDigg.

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An MLP: EQG take on the famous 1963 Jerry Lewis film, The Nutty Professor, which is a comedy version of the classic Robert Lewis Stevenson story, Jekyll & Hyde.

Twilight Sparkle, the smartest student in all of Canterlot High School, has just fallen in love with the school's top music player, Flash Sentry. Only problem is, she's not all that good at talking to guys. That, and she's a little...geeky.

One day, she accidentally creates a magic potion that creates a whole new personality! She drinks it and creates her alter ego, the stunning fashionista, Rarity Darling, a fashion girl that will flirt with any guy and have them follow her all over the place.

After discovering that Rarity has caused a small bit of trouble, Twilight vows to stop taking the potion. Only problem about that is, Rarity wants to exist more. So much that she plans to create her own potion, one designed for erasing the dormant personality.

Soon, the two personas fight for two things, for their existence and for the heart of a certain blue-haired guitar player. Will Twilight defeat her fashionista self? Or will Rarity be rid of her former self and finally be free?

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During World War II, a young demon boy was summoned to Earth to upset the balance of the war by German soldiers. But instead, he was rescued and raised by good men of the Allies. They raised him to be a good person and fight for Humanity. It was that very day that the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defence began. They named this demon child...Hellboy!

But, in an alternate timeline, in the world of Equestria, the evil King Sombra summoned an alternate version of this child for himself. By the time the demon child was brought into the pony world, Princesses Celestia and Luna had arrived with their small army to defeat him. The two rulers had banished Sombra and all was well.

They found the young child, who was transformed into a small red colt with two horns and a giant stone hoof. One of the soldiers suggested that they raise him, teach him all about right and wrong. The princesses agreed.

Since then, the rulers of Equestria had created the heroic organization known as the Supernatural Police Department(S.P.D.) Raised by former Royal Guard, Bold Helm, the young colt grew up to be Equestria's greatest hero. They named him....Hellcolt!

Many years later, Hellcolt teams up with the Mane 6, the Wonderbolts and one of Luna's Night Guard to fight a powerful evil that has come to conquer Equestria. It's time for our favourite demon hero to give the bad guys a little bit of hell!

Cover image is owned by Creepy99 on Deviantart; https://anime-94.deviantart.com/art/Ponified-Hellboy-311802921

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(This story takes place in an Anthro universe.)

When Twilight Sparkle, faithful student of Princess Luna of the Lunar Republic, and Spike, childhood friend of Twilight and closest pen-pal of the Dragon Lord of Dragon Country, Ember, end up on a flight, they fall out of the plane during a crash, both ending up in the middle of the largest country in all of Equestria, the desert/sandy remains of the country of Canterlot and Canterlot City, The Badlands!

After getting lost in this eternal desert, the two are seen by a pirate ship and get rescued by a small group of sand pirates called the Wonderbooms. With a Pegasus named Rainbow Dash as their captain, the sand pirates happily welcome the two wanderers into their crew. With Pinkie Pie as the lookout, Rarity as the cook and clothing-designer, Fluttershy as the nurse, Applejack as the markswomen and shipwright, Sunset Shimmer as the ship's driver and Twilight & Spike as the navigators, the Wonderbooms journey all over the Badlands, visiting new villages, fighting bandits, bounty hunters and other sand pirates, to find the ruler of the Badlands, Lady Celestia!

From everyday laughs and gags to high-flying adventuring, from big-time rivalry to hilarious love triangles, the adventures of the Wonderbooms begin with just one flight trip gone wrong.

The parings will be; SpikexRarity, TwilightxFlash, DashxSoarin and ApplejackxOC.

The rivalries will be; Rainbow Dash vs Lightning Dust, Twilight vs Trixie and Celestia vs Chrysalis.

The love-rivalries will be; Rarity vs Trixie(yes, Trixie has a crush on Spike.) and Applejack vs Jubilee.

Rated T for mild sex references.

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Alright! It's time to show you all how cool the 80s really were!!!:pinkiehappy:

In an AU, unlike the modern day Equestria Girls timeline, this world shows the lives of the Rainbooms and the Shadowbolts in the greatest era of all, the 1980's!

In 1985, CHS and Crystal Prep were slightly different in those times. The lives of the Rainbooms and the Shdowbolts were the same, only before the Friendship Games were officially created, CHS and CPA were at peace with each-other. And living with the 80's technology! Imagine, Rarity making 80's style clothing, Rainbow Dash playing on the Atari 2600, Twilight Sparkle using the old commodore mainframe computers and Lemon Zest listening to 80s classics!!!

I don't own MLP or any of these things within the story. All ponies, songs, everyday products and game consoles belong to their rightful owners/companies. The only things I do own are my OCs.

Inspired by the hit TV series The Goldbergs.


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What was suppose to be a nice, quiet day turned into one hell of a trip!!! :twilightoops:

Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash were called out for a trip to Canterlot City, only to discover a stranger wanting them to take something of his and run with it. With a strong, mysterious woman on their tail, they're thrown into an alternate universe, one where their lives are nothing but a tv show!

Being mistaken for their actors, Twilight, Sunset and Rainbow try to find a way back home while trying to live the lives of their actors, while avoiding the wrath of their hunter.

Although they're confused, the three girls have no choice but to put up with this world and its people making stuff up about their home world. They need to live the lives of Tara Strong, Rebecca Shoichet and Ashleigh Ball the best they can with their new 'friends', Tabitha St. Germain and Andrea Libman.

Dealing with familiar faces and new locations, Twilight, Sunset and Rainbow have to, not only save their world, but this world too!

By the way, this ISN'T taking place in real life! It's still within the animated realm, just having the characters' actresses' names. Here, Rainbow Dash has to act as Applejack, seeing as Ashleigh Ball voices as both of them, same thing with Andrea Libman acting as both Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Think of it as the 'Equestria Girls bloopers' videos.

Inspired by the three 'Meta-Fiction' TV events;

1. Red Dwarf: Back to Earth.-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6f2tdR_y_M
2. Red vs. Blue vs. Roosterteeth.-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts4EMinfKTE
3. Supernatural: 6x15, 'The French Mistake'.-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw1KGojgAIU

Also inspired by the Equestria Girls bloopers videos; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn97h8JY7-0 & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58SF0PzbzVw

Cover belongs to/done by OinkTweetStudios.-http://oinktweetstudios.deviantart.com/

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You all know the sniper pony they call 'Magnum Aimbot', right? Well, here's something you don't know about her, her origin story!!!

Long before meeting Rainbow Dash and Octavia Melody, Magnum worked as a proud soldier within the Equestrian military. She had everything; a home, a well-respected job, friends and even a lover. One day, all of that was taken away from her. Now, acting as a rouge mercenary, Magnum struggles on with her life as ponies try to hire her, bounty hunters try to hunt her and assassins try to kill her.

While living this rough life, Magnum still carries the memories of her old life with her as she plays them all out in her dreams. As she continues on surviving, she may even gain a new life, along with new friends as well. The old life may be gone, but she'll always keep them in her memory and her heart.

See the life of a trained soldier-turned-rouge mercenary go from bad to for the better. This is the story of Magnum Aimbot.

Jasper77Wang has given me permission to use his character to create this origin story. Some OC's belong to me but all credit of the creation of Magnum Aimbot goes to Jasper77Wang!

Cover is created and owned by Jaser77Wang.

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