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On the day of the Royal Canterlot Wedding, Trixie finds that Cadence wasn't the only one with a 'Dark Secret'. Now she struggles to survive in an Equestria whipped into a Changeling witch hunt, all while struggling with the revelation that her whole life up until this point has been a lie.

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A meteorite crashes just outside of Ponyville, and Twilight Sparkle takes the opportunity to investigate it's strange properties. But as she unlocks more of it's secrets, others will learn of it's incredible power, and will stop at nothing to get it.

A crossover between MLP:FiM and the Original Green Lantern. Unrelated to my other MLP/GL story, but don't put a crisis crossover between these two past me.

This is based on a comic book, after all.

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When a Yellow Power ring comes to Equestria from the depths of space and kidnaps Twilight Sparkle to become it's wielder, Celestia must put aside past grudges and call upon the aide of the Green Lanterns. But with Equestria so far out in the Frontier Regions, the Guardians cannot send a Lantern out to help, and so, instead, redirect one of their rings mid-transit to begin the selection process on Equestria.

Rated: Teen for some violence, mild language, and on page deaths. GL: TAS doesn't pull many punches, so I don't intend to either.

Shipping Warning: Contains Gilda/Dash for story purposes and the Author's satisfaction.

Colored Text Warning: This story makes use of Colored Text, and will probably do so in every chapter. I advise the 'Dark' background for best effect.

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