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On the day of the Royal Canterlot Wedding, Trixie finds that Cadence wasn't the only one with a 'Dark Secret'. Now she struggles to survive in an Equestria whipped into a Changeling witch hunt, all while struggling with the revelation that her whole life up until this point has been a lie.

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Like most of my stories here will probably be, this one was written over a period of time and the first chapter is composed of a number of closely related snippets that I wrote up as I was brainstorming.

Poor Trixie. Poor poor Trixie.

EDIT: Oh, and ignore that the CMC were at the Royal Wedding. It's just a tiny alteration for the sake of shenanigans.

Please keep Comments meaningful, please.

Wow, I feel so sorry for Trixie there... :fluttercry: She's not evil, not even in the show. Just wanna hug her...

Great to see this here! I think you should've probably chopped off part of the beginning into a separate prologue, though. Just my opinion. Anywho, faved! Keep writing!

" "We gotta help her!"

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo looked at their friend for a moment. "Why?" "

Dear lord I laughed so hard.

Typo: "Daimond Tiara"

Suggested replacement: "Diamond Tiara"


Fixed, and also fixed what I realized was going to be some rather scarry fridge horror at the thought of Pinchy being trapped under her kitchen sink by a monster for the entire night. :twilightoops: Yeah... that wasn't going to be good. So now, she gets put to sleep before Trixie hides her. That's a bit less horrifying. :twilightsheepish:

Interesting start. I suppose Trixie is just surviving day to day at this point, because if the adoration of the crowd tasted better, I'd expect her to start planning a way to get that back (though, not as Trixie, probably).

Also, there's something strange going on with this story, in that I don't see it on my favorites page after favoriting it and I don't see it when searching for "razzle dazzle" using the search function, either. I had to go back into my history to find it again and browser bookmark it.


That's because I haven't submitted it yet. Fixed.

The description alone sounds amazing. I'll comment again with what I think.

Oh good, now I don't have to write it because someone else already has XD


That's an interesting premise and one I don't think has been done be for.
Laughed at the rest of the Crusaders lackluster bravado to help Diamond Tiara and the common sense of an alien lab. :rainbowlaugh:

No excuses, keep writing! Back into the pits of creativity you go like all the other writers......

Ahhh! Not the whip! Please not the whip! *types furiously*

Reminds me of Dwarf Fortress........
Urist McWriter has been taken by a mood.
Starts to type furiously!

544488 The CMC WERE at the wedding, they were the flower girls.

The plot is...interesting to say the least, little weird for my tastes but original nonetheless and that alone makes it worth reading.

550525 You're supposed to IGNORE that fact! Geez, no one listens anymore...

Poor Trixie. Think she'll keep her secret under wraps for much longer? (Barring CMC, of course)

This raises so many interesting questions, I love it. I wonder if there are other changelings out there who, like Trixie, pursued entertainment rather then identity theft as a means of siphoning 'love' from ponies, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an entire group of such 'deviant' changelings organized into a "Circus of Masks" or something similar.

I also like the implication that the reason that changelings don't assume long-term identities is because of the risk of becoming 'lost' in the identity and forgetting who and what they are, as Trixie did.


*starts jotting notes about the first idea*

But actually, as will be explored later, Trixie is a more 'Kid Friendly' version of a Changeling Tale. As in, she was raised by Ponies all her life.

you just got favorited keep writing and i hope this is gonna be 10 chapters long lol

I have a great idea for Trixie.... tell Celestia or anypony else until they listen.... it's not like you're going to be executed or banished and stuph.


LOVE this. when I first saw that pic I know it had to be made into a fanfic! keep it up i'm tracking this!
And just so i'm clear... she was turned INTO a changling right?

I think it is supposed to be that she was a changeling with amnesia who thought she was actually a pony.
or something like that.


Idk... amnesia dose not explain why food suddenly stop being filling to her.


It never really was.

She sustained herself on the adoration of her parents, first, and later on the adoration of the crowd. She ate because she was supposed to eat, and it was enjoyable, but she never really ever got 'hungry' unless she was hitting hard times on the stage...

Which would correlate rather directly with having less money to spare on food.

Very original take on the Changeling story, especially with Trixie's apparent amnesia.
I wonder how Trixie will take running into Twilight under these circumstances. Real potential for a tear jerker there,methinks.

I'm curious about Trixie's "fight" with the fake dragon. Was she actually faking heroics and lying to the villagers (which could backfire VERY BADLY if a real threat were to arise), or was it just an overblown act, the crowd being somewhat in on the joke?

Please continue, I already love this!:rainbowkiss:

Now I got the song stuck in my head.

Continue this please, it's a great concept.

Hmm, it's been a while since this has been updated, and I eagerly await the next installment!:pinkiehappy: You have a great concept here, and I think you pulled it off wonderously! Keep at it, and if you've hit a writer's block, try writing some short stories; that's what I did, and it worked great!

Hope this isn't dead. I liked it so far and it's only one chapter. Please continue.

Well, I suppose with the long waiting period, this means the end of this story. Too bad.

Ahm... Did you abandon the story (wich is very good btw)?

1521954 Yeah, I think it's been abandoned, which sucks because it was great.

1521954 1640784

Man, this chapter was great... might be better offf without the mention of a memory spell.... And it was killed!:flutterrage:

Why did you abandon it?

good story i would like to read another chapter.

damn this shit is poppin!
*looks at the last update date*
............aw, fuck.

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