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Twilight falls asleep to find herself solving a case. Fluttershy had gone missing years ago, apparently other ponies think she is dead but Twilight does'nt. Twilight explores a new restaurant called ," Discord's Hayburger Place" Discord opened not too long ago. But the Flutterchica animatronic looks very alive and Discord denies knowing any of Fluttershy's where abouts. The only way she'll be able to solve the mystery she must work as the security guard and survive FIVE NIGHTS. Only then will she wake up from this Night mare

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Twilight is having nightmares. But once the mare in her dreams threatens her, she finds it hard to sleep. Her friends try to help her, but once Discord gets involved they'll find that this isn't a nightmare but corruption They team up to stop this night-mare, but it turns out even the draconaquus may not be a match for this ever lasting enemy.
* twicord*

Chapters (2)
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