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Hello! I'm just ThatGuyWithATopHat. Here to read some stories, and maybe even make some of my own!

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hey i saw you put in the recommended folder one of my stories where is it going t obe posted if i may ask

2496586 It sounds like it should offer a good balance :rainbowdetermined2: Like, you could say, 'these are the five I've read this week, two were great, the others not so much.' Whereas if it's just talking about personal favourites, there's a risk every review might be 'This story is amazing and you should read it right now!' which might lose its impact a lot more quickly?

Uh, that story you read is probably the nastiest thing I've written :twilightoops: This is the only other one that comes close, but it's much more comedic sociopathy. Or this one is the other end of the spectrum; it's still a cynical take on things, but handled with a lot more compassion (I should probably mention that it might be slightly more grown up than its title suggests, and also warn that there's a massive subject change halfway through - I think it still works, but others have said they found it jarring).

Please don't feel pressured into reading either, I'm not meaning to plug or promote them. I just know that sometimes when I follow someone I check out their other work, and since my others are so different I thought it best to mention that personally and offer a guide to which ones might be closest.


I'm not sure if it's the best way of doing it, but it's a way to do it, I suppose :rainbowlaugh:

And you're welcome for the follow. I definitely wouldn't mind checking out your other stories! :raritywink:

2496569 I don't know much about the reviewing side of things, but that sounds to me like a good way of doing it?

I'm sure it'll be good :twilightsmile: If it's a learning experience, any feedback at all will be positive for you, and it should all turn out fine.

Thank you for the follow, by the way. I should probably mention that that story is quite different to the sort of things I usually write, if you were considering trying others :twilightsheepish:


Well, I'd figure that I reccomend the stories that I've read during the week to others because who knows, they could be interested in reading them, and I'd love to give shoutouts to stories that caught my eye :twilightsmile:

And thanks! I doubt it'll be a perfect review, but it'll definitely give me some practice to getting better at it :raritystarry:

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