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Friends are something most people hold dear. This couldn't be any more true than for Aileen and Molly, two girls that have been by each other's sides for years. One has a confidence unwavering and a hard-as-nails attitude, nigh impossible to break. The other holds all the joys of childhood, her excitement and playfulness rivaled only by her lover for the color pink. Together, they've braved the world and all the atrocities that comes with it. But what happens when roles are reversed? When one has their mind split between two bodies and given unimaginable powers, while the other has been striped of everything but the wisdom that has served her so well? They'll have to clear their own path as they traverse the new and dangerous world of Equestria, finding friends to help them along the way... and powers they were completely unaware of.

All rights to Hasbro and Game Freak respectfully.
Coauthored by Pyro Mance

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I was at the convention with my friend when we saw the two things we were missing from our costumes, me the Brute Shot, him his wolf thing form his DND character. I tried to warn him, but he didn't listen, so I figured 'why not' and bought the damn thing... here we go.

Chapters (2)