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Shining armor isn’t a very good flyer, he doesn’t go to the carnival or theme parks. He doesn’t travel by boat, and he doesn't like heights. Shining armor has a secret, one he has had ever since he was a young colt.
A short story about Shining Armor’s motion sickness, and how he has kept it a secret from twilight for so long. But now, he has no choice but to let Twilight see, as Shining Armor’s little secret is revealed.

WARNING: Contains graphic descriptions of vomiting, gagging and retching

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It wasn't all that simple Twilight, :twilightblush:
Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle have their first fight.

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When concert pianist, Ivory Keys, is invited to a Royal Banquet after playing a concert in front of a Royal audience, he must do something he has found difficult all his life, and during this journey of self discovery, he finds somepony that becomes more than just his friend.

This is loosely based of of my life, me being Ivory. Speaking of which, his name is still a work in progress.

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