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Shining armor isn’t a very good flyer, he doesn’t go to the carnival or theme parks. He doesn’t travel by boat, and he doesn't like heights. Shining armor has a secret, one he has had ever since he was a young colt.
A short story about Shining Armor’s motion sickness, and how he has kept it a secret from twilight for so long. But now, he has no choice but to let Twilight see, as Shining Armor’s little secret is revealed.

WARNING: Contains graphic descriptions of vomiting, gagging and retching

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I know how horrible it is to be sick.


This story is really about my struggle with Emetophobia. (Fear of vomiting)
And writing stuff like this kinda helps me to realise that it can't be avoided, and I'm not alone with having this fear.

Glad you can relate to it :twilightsmile:

all the while stroking his mane and giving the occasional kiss, but the one thing that cadence did with shining which Twilight hadn't done, was sing to him, softly.

Wait, so Cadence kissed Shining Armor, and that wasn't the thing Twilight didn't do...

Uhh, since he knew about the trip early, couldn't he have gone out and bought some motion sickness pills? Or is that not a thing in Equestria? Zecora cannot be the only pony/zebra/whatever in Equestria with the know-how to make potions! (Not to be rude or anything, that must be terrible to deal with I'm just pointing it out. Oh wow, I'm a jerk.)

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