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Getting better. I will continue to love both Twilestia and Twiluna pairings until the end. And Nightmare Moon simply is too cool.

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Countless millennia ago, the Alicorns sisters sealed away a creature of endless hunger and darkness. Deep below Canterlot it awaits the day when another being enters its prison, to at last be free...

Twilight is the protege of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, she is a friend to all, a great one at that, but when her friends and family forsake her at the wedding between her brother and former foal sitter. Twilight is entrapped beneath Canterlot by Princess 'Cadence', and seeks a way out to stop whatever plans the Alicorn has for her homeland.

But before she can find a means to escape, Twilight comes across an ancient crystal prison deep in the mines. That's when IT appeared finding her sobbing at the foot of its prison...

Notice - I have changed Voidras to just Void and Twilight to her official (Twilight Sparkle) name.

Indefinite hiatus

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She's perfect, absolutely perfect. Or I once thought that, Princess Celestia was my world, my idol, my role model, but once Queen Chrysalis defeated her with such ease I began to doubt this world's current Alicorns and rulers. If the powerful Celestia couldn't defend her own ponies, what does that say about the rest of us? As the newest Alicorn to come into being; I fear for us all. Then a voice spoke to me...

If they can't protect your friends and those closest to you...shouldn't you?

Something lurks in the shadows, they search for me, and I fear...I search for them.

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