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The Lunar Mare

Been a MLP FiM Fan since i first saw Luna Eclipsed. Im not very good at writing in my opinion, but feel free to tell me otherwise. Luna is my favorite character, and Woona is the cutest thing of ever.

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Shadow gives Luna a birthday present she could have never dreamed of in all of her immortal life.

This is just a idea I had, but won't go into A Shadowed Moon because it doesn't fit into Sonic Comic
Cannon, its just me toying with how Luna and Shadow interact.

Anyways I hope you guys like it.

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A normal winter in Equestria is interrupted by one of the worst heat waves in history. Why? The Solar Princess has a fever, and she doesn't take well to medicine.

Note: The reason why this is teen is that Luna mildly curses in it and a few other things, but thats it.

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Luna has friends in the main six and the citizens of Ponyville, but the rest of the country she rules distrusts her. Nopony knows how that feels, not even Twilight, but when Luna and her friends encounter a creature from another world, she makes a friend who truly understands, and makes a new enemy.

Note: Im going to start re-wirting this at some point.

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