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I write stories about fat animals and get into fights.

Hi, I write stories about fat animals and get into fights.

I've been writing things for several years now, but never really upped anything to Fimfiction before. Some folks said I should, so here I am, doing that.

My writings are pretty much exclusively fetishistic in nature (sorry if you're not into that), are usually entirely composed of original characters (sorry on that too), and most don't even take place in Equestria (sorry again). Everything I'm putting on Fimfic will have at least one behooven character in it though, so it's not all bad.

For my total catalogue of writes, including the stuff that doesn't prominently feature ponies in or doesn't meet Fimfiction's submission criteria, check out kimintodarkness.com or look up collargogglebirdhorse on Fur Affinity or Weasyl.

Why a lot of stories I write aren't set in Equestria.

A lot of the things I write are not set in Equestria, but also aren't in a setting I'd consider "alternate universe" either. Instead I've built an extended universe in which most of my stories take place.

I do this for a few reasons:

  • Flexibility! I have more control over the rules, the culture, the level of technology, and everything else. I'm not arbitrarily locked in. It just provides more opportunities for stories.
  • The Avengers angle. I have a lot of characters in a lot of different life situations. It's neat to have a setting where they can all interact with one another without having to resort to some dimension-bending wrapping plotline every time I want them to do so.
  • My writings involve fetish content, and I just feel a bit awkward using canonical characters with those themes (and I definitely do not want kids stumbling on them by accident). By literally removing the stories from the context of Equestria I can write these things with must less risk of poisoning the well I'm drawing inspiration from.

So why do I think these are worthy of Fimfiction? In this essay I will summarise my reasoning in a few bullet points because who has time for essays?

  • My setting is a different country on the same planet Equestria is present on. As of The My Little Pony Movie and characters like Capper and Celaeno it's pretty clear that other nations with anthropomorphic, sentient, non-pony animals exist. Why wouldn't there be ponies there?
  • Kim, Grey and Novella are, in my head, first-generation immigrants. Their parents are from Equestria, but they themselves were not born there. This is an interesting character angle to explore (for example, Kim doesn't gel with her parents because they're much more beholden to Equestrian culture than she is). As a first-generation immigrant myself, it's just real relatable.
  • The main characters are still ponies, they're little, and mine. They have cutie marks, inherent fantastical magical ability, and are decked out with wings and horns where appropriate.
  • "The same planet as Equestria but not Equestria" is still closer to the source material than your typical ponies-on-Earth story. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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