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Holiday · 2:54am Sep 26th, 2015

Hey guys, just want you all to know that I'm on holiday, and so therefore Rise of Roam will likely not be updated either as quickly as normally, or at all until I get back. I'll be working on it, just obviously not as much. Holiday!

See you in two weeks!

To anyone who doesn't care about Rise of Roam, I have other stories I'm working on too.

Also does anyone watch Steven Universe? Peridot is small and adorable. Before she was awesome, now she's just precious. :raritystarry:

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Q&A Answers · 5:35pm Aug 23rd, 2015

Question One by Dreagknight:

When will you be planning on releasing the sequel to A Nightmare Night Kiss?

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Q&A Session. Will repost the answers. · 5:29am Aug 22nd, 2015

Don't get used to this sort of thing, I'm just bored. I'm not one for making superfluous blog posts unless I feel that I need to explain something.

So, ask any question should you feel so inclined.
Just remember these two rules:

1/ I may abstain from answering questions I consider too personal, or inappropriate information for the internet.

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Been Away · 3:55am Aug 3rd, 2015

Went to a convention. Gone four days. Wrote about a paragraph whilst there. Enjoyed the convention too much. Spent too much money. Lapsed into a nervous break down. Got over it.

Now I'm back.

I love you guys. I'm not drunk.

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Just as a matter of interest... · 10:54pm Jul 20th, 2015

This isn't me complaining (although now that I've said that, it's probably going to be taken that way, herp-a-derp), but is anyone particularly interested in Rise of Roam? The response so far, limited though its been, has been generally... eh, unenthusiastic.

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Question about the Yaks (not story related) · 9:59pm Jun 29th, 2015

I'm pretty sure everyone noticed the Viking-like nature of the yaks from the newest episode. The big horns, the snowy region, the hot temperaments.

But am I alone in thinking that this isn't quite correct? Their clothing, the descriptions of their lifestyles, the name of their country, and their species, say to me that they're culturally from southwest and central Asia, the area stretching from Kazakhstan to the Himalayas.

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I don't hate life... · 11:54am Apr 22nd, 2015

... but sometimes life and me don't quite see eye to eye.

Okay, self-pitying nonsense aside, this is for those who read Three Little Visitors. And, actually, for people interested in the sequel to the Evening Sonata.

I have bad news.

My computer crashed, and it needed to be formatted. This means that I lost the next three chapters of Three Little Visitors, and the first drafts of Return to Equestria: The Rise of Roam.

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Lack of Updates · 1:00pm Mar 12th, 2015

On the advice of one of my readers, I've decided to inform you all, for any who have been wondering, why I've not updated in recent days.

The reason is because I got into a drawing fit, and neglected my writing for drawing for a little bit.

For instance

Also I got into watching Star Trek TNG again, so there was that too :pinkiehappy:

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Evening Sonata Reading · 2:11am Mar 2nd, 2015

TheRichardKT has done me the great kindness of performing a reading of the Evening Sonata, and finished the first chapter: The Evening Sonata Pt 1. The reading for the rest is currently ongoing.

Tired of reading my awesomeness? Now you can listen to it too :rainbowlaugh:

See my personal playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNAjwMItw_Vo8nCEcKJsmWoqbM9wvhjON

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Apologies Aren't Always Enough · 5:01pm Jan 22nd, 2015

I had a small hand in this fic in an advisory capacity. Check it out if you're so inclined


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