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Tell us that you want us · 5:02pm Nov 30th, 2014

Any of you who enjoy my story The Evening Sonata may enjoy this story by MyMetalPony

Tell Us That You Want Us

It's a really good read with some shockers, a delightful depiction of Sonata, and a story following the ordeal of the sirens trying to repair their "hearts", the negative energy devouring crystals they had in the movie, before they starve to death.

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Anon · 5:58pm Nov 26th, 2014

What is this "Anon" thing I keep seeing? By what I can tell, it's a character one either can't, or doesn't want to name.

Why is this a thing? I don't get it. Surely names aren't that hard to come up with? Am I wrong?

Place your opinions below.

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Ships and the people who hate them · 2:49pm Nov 15th, 2014

You might imagine this to be a blog about how I'm getting annoyed with the people who keep making remarks about "shipping" in my story.

Well you're wrong. I don't really care. It just gives me an opportunity to use this in a legitimate circumstance:

Readers: Eww, shipping!


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