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A wicked and twisted mare, who was a friend of all ponies of Ponyville, overthrows Princess Celestia and Luna with raw power and brute force. Using dark and evil magics, she drained the magic from the Princesses to keep them powerless and imprisoned them deep within the palace, which she took the liberty of redecorating. Under this mare's reign, Equestria is dangerous, and ponies must work to retrieve resources for her research, or become imprisoned until they die of starvation or dehydration (Their bodies being used for research).

Across Equestria, rebel groups hide from the new ruler; however, a particular group of five, known as The Elements, who are admired by all other rebels for their bravery and skill, push further and harder, preparing for the day to return Equestria to its glorious, harmonious state. But as they proceed further, chances of success become slim, as the ruler cracks down on the rebel groups and begins heavily funding new ways to track them down and eliminate them. Will The Elements be able to save Equestria in time, before they're found and killed?

[Edit]: Credit for cover art to ObstreperousSynapse. Many thanks for the cover!

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