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After chasing down Applejack's carriage outside of Dodge Junction, Rarity's friends have stranded her in the desert with Pinkie Pie. Now, she has to get herself, and her annoying companion, home. This proves to be even more difficult a task than it seems, as events seem to conspire against her. From the brutal desert sun, to a deadly treasure-filled cavern, Rarity's skills, and patience, will be tested to their limits.

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For the ponies of Equestria, outer space has always been an unreachable frontier, far more difficult to explore than even the harshest wilderness. Though they have controlled the movements of the sun and moon for thousands of years, none have traveled to the vast expanse in which these two celestial bodies reside.

Equestria's newest princess hopes to change that. With the help of her friends, Twilight Sparkle will travel into the vastness of space, and push the technological boundaries of ponykind. But that goal is a long way off, and Twilight will first need to learn how to even survive the journey...

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For hundreds of years, ponies have lived in peace in Canterlot Castle, watched over by the spirits of Luna and Celestia. That peace is threatened when an evil Diamond Dog warlord sets his sights on the castle, setting off a series of adventures for young filly Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

Alternate Universe, loosely based off of the Redwall series.

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