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For hundreds of years, ponies have lived in peace in Canterlot Castle, watched over by the spirits of Luna and Celestia. That peace is threatened when an evil Diamond Dog warlord sets his sights on the castle, setting off a series of adventures for young filly Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

Alternate Universe, loosely based off of the Redwall series.

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Redwall!!!:rainbowderp: You just made my day.:pinkiehappy: Redwall fan here.:eeyup:

The power of the nostalgia this has brought on has driven back the hard critic in me....for now. But yeah:



*dies from nostalgia attack*

Yay! Nostalgia factor worked!

But, ummm...do you think I did a good job, you know, with ponifying Redwall? You guys like it cuz its a good story, to, right?

You got me at redwall. But who will be Matthias and Cornflower

Well...it says loosely based on the books. As in, I'm going to be using many of the same story conventions, but I'm not transferring characters and events straight over from the books. This story isn't Redwall, it's just a story that could be in that universe, um, if that universe were populated by ponies.:derpytongue2:

Wow, I just confused myself!

As soon as I saw "Redwall," I knew I had to read this fic. Does this start with Mossflower, or just go straight to Redwall?

Forgive me if I sound a bit weird on the book titles, it's been a while since I last read one of them.

891373>>891402>>891644 REDWALLL

While I'm not so sure about ponifying Redwall...the fic is actually well written (Much better than some I've seen)

Improvements needed: Rarity acting a little OOC, but this is AU anyway so i can tolerate
Applejack's accent, look at Author Support Group run by Bronymaster and search fro the character dialogue thread in forum directory
If you are going to ponify Redwall. ADD SONGS AND FOOD!

Maybe i should do a Redwall Crossover...

891644 For lack of a better word. It was okay, smack dab in the middle. While I liked the fact that you simplifed and explained the ponifed redwall backstory and history. I can't help but feel you left some ambiguity that would have come in beautifully later on in the story. Other than the minor details of it, good job.

Did somepony say Redwall!?

Crap. I forgot. Songs.:twilightoops:

this project just got a whole lot harder...well, I'll give it my best shot!


Curse you... I was just starting to plan something like this...

891839You actually just gave me an Idea. thanks

Well, I was gonna do some writing today...but I kinda slept in. To be fair, I was up for 33 hours yesterday, worked two different jobs, and went through the stress of posting my first story ever.

I'll start expanding on chapter 2 tomorrow. It'll go up next Tuesday, and it's gonna be good!

I hope.

Hoorah for responses! :yay:
You've gotten a significantly larger reaction than my first fic did, so I'd consider that a success!

I still think the Alternate Universe tag isn't much of an excuse to mix personality traits from the mane 6, though. I mean, if Rarity and AJ are the fun-loving pranksters, what's pinkie even like? :rainbowhuh:

Oh, and because it's apparently a requirement on this page: READWHULL

There, I said it.

Don't worry about that. If it wasn't good, people wouldn't be saying "yay Redwall! :yay:," they'd be saying "Y U RUIN REDWALL?! :twilightangry2:"

What you may want to worry about is using the correct form of "too" :twilightoops:

Well, update's here!

I've gotta go to work now, see you all when I get back!

...Or not. Um, guys? Where are you?

Ow! A dislike!?! What did I do?

A dislike? Come meet my battle axe.
Love the story so far. I grew up with the Redwall series. I was about to give up hope on a crossover until I found this story so keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I really needed it. :unsuresweetie:

Starting chapter 3 tomorrow!

Not bad, not bad at all.

Being a AU I was kinda expecting for a few things to unlike their canon counterparts, so I can't fault you for that. Anyway good job so far.

Thank you! And, about those parts that are not like their canon counterparts (AJ and Rares, right?), I have a plan for them.



Also, we need to sing that song sometime at a bar/party/my house at 4 am.

Comment posted by dancing mop deleted Jul 17th, 2013
Comment posted by dancing mop deleted Jul 17th, 2013

Before even reading this...









I will be posting sooooooooo many comments here...:rainbowkiss:
:raritycry:The nostalgia.

This is a little like The Bellmaker, isn't it? Or Salamandastron... The ones where they let vermin inside the Abbey. Well, not counting Outcast, or indeed Sable Quean, where it wasn't intentional... though going that route I'd have to list Rakkety Tam and...:twilightblush: Uh, I'll just let you continue.

Librarian? Isn't that more of a... Recorder?

So are Rarity and Applejack like Samkin and Arula?


It's kinda closest to Marlfox, cause that's the one I had just so happened to read prior to starting this fic. But yeah, there's elements of just about all of them in it.

And I will continue soon, work has finally slowed down, and I'm going to sunny florida on vacation next week!


That is all I needed. Yes!!!!:twilightsmile:


I say, old lad, on hiatus, wot wot!

Hurr, ee'm bees mos' proberly in a gurt load o' work, zurr.

Yeah... So anyway, before I do an otter impersonation (his name would have to be Quickpaw)... any plans for continuing this?


Oh. Author note. Okay!


Burr aye, Oi'm a' fixin' to drop a gurt load o' work. Then Oi'll 'ave a gurt bit o' toim to wroite, hoo urr!

2782232 Burrrr, stan' on moi tunnel, 'ow do ee do it, zurr? Ee bees sproitlier as a bukket o' froggers.

Okay, I'm back to writing! First, though, I am working on another story, a sci-fi story, called Finding Space. I am in a more sci-fi mood after a long bout of Star Trek: Enterprise on Netflix. Check out that story while I work on chapter 1 and 2 rewrites for this one.


Meh. To be frank, I lost interest halfway through because of the lack of detail.

You commented?


It's been more than two years since I did anything to this; I've been finished with the idea for a while. Couldn't you tell?

6619412 Yes I could tell. I was however very surprised just to find a Redwall story on here, so I commented.

Has your writing improved? The only character you really described was Fancypants.

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