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Hatred is not the best way describe how pony's look at Legacy, it's more like they despise him. Because of this Legacy hasn't been outside in a long time, curiosity and adventure gets the best of him and for the first time he learns not all ponies think harshly toward him.

(Please note that it's a good idea if you read my last fic called Friends, Tears, and Broken Wings if you want to understand a little of what this story is about.)

EDIT:I changed the description to make it more appealing and to tell the truth I'm working ever so slowly on this fic, but don't worry viewers that's less than I thought, i'll continue it eventually.

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After an accident with the CMC , Scootaloo ends up in tragic circumstances. She lies in Ponyville hospital with a slim chance of ever leaving the hospital. One night she is visited by a mysterious somepony...

Inspired by one of the ten stories in "Birthday Surprises"

Cover art by Nonnavlis
Check out the live reading of this fic by the The Living Library Player Society(They're awesome people)
Friends, Tears and Broken Wings live reading

Chapters (1)
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