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Fluffy Unicorn

hi.... sorry I'm really bad at this. ok well I'm RainbowLightin's younger sister Fluffy Unicorn, I'm really shy so please nothing that can seem like a hate thing thx, so I hope we can all be friends

Fluffy ponies X)


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While scrolling through your page, I had flashbacks of FIuffIe Puff. Why would you do that to me. :raritydespair:

I'm curious, do you know the context that the "fluffy ponies" exist for? (meaning fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/137/a/7/fluffy_pony_collage__1_by_marcusmaximus-d5067vx.png That type, not Fluffle Puff. Fluffle Puff is entirely seperate)

If you don't, realize that fluffy ponies are meant to be mentally retarded sub-ponies (hence the broken speech) and are primarily the subjects of extreme torture and rape drawings. There are deceptively innocent pictures, such as the one on your page, but the genre of "fluffy pony" is incredibly graphic.

Take great care in searching up fluffy ponies so that you don't run into the actual artwork that defines the genre.

1416694 send me a pm if you want to RP, or chat, or whatever. Okay?

1416675 Oh, I see. Well I don't mind being friends. I'm already good friends with RainbowLightin.

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