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This is a short encounter story set in the universe of KKat's Fallout Equestria. I wrote this more or less in one sitting while on a lunch break at work and it's been sitting on my computer for over a year and a half. Anyways, I figured this might be a good home for it. :twilightsmile:

The story of how this piece came to be is a tale and a half. To keep a long story short, I started playing Ashes Town at the start of 2020 and one day, while trying to come up with a cool raider character to RP I suddenly remembered a picture I'd seen on DeviantArt years ago (see cover image). When asked if there'd be more art of her, the artist, Torrentpelt, replied, and I quote: "Probably not! This was made for a friend's project that neither of us are working on anymore. That said, if you want to draw/write/use this pony as a character, you're welcome to it! Just please don't repost this art without credit. c:" You can find said quote and the original image here, and of course, the image itself belongs to Torrentpelt, to whom I owe a huge thanks for inspiring the character that I had so much fun playing as. ^^

They also said that the character lacked a name, and thus armed with this knowledge, I set about bringing the character to life on Ashes Town as a scarred and troubled raider named Guillotine. What I've written here is a snippet of how a random encounter with her might go.

Also, further credit where credit is due,
Fallout: Equestria (c) Kkat
MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro

Disclaimer: (I've rated the story as teen and added the gore tag for a brief description of dried blood and a reference to prostitution)

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When Moondancer and her friends Twinkleshine, Colgate, and Lemonhearts receive an invitation from Twilight to go camping in the Whitetail Woods, Moondancer is faced with a conundrum. She's never been camping before. No problem, everything can be solved with books and a bit of studying right? But when Moondancer finds the Unturned Survival Guide, however, she will need more than just studying to see herself and her friends through what comes next.

Unturned was and still is being created by Nelson Sexton
MLP belongs to Hasbro

All pictures used in the creation of this story are courtesy of various Unturned forums or the wiki.

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Creative Sparks, A janitor working at Manehattan International airport, dreams of flying off to the faraway poster places that he knows he’ll never see. Trapped by his low income job for Equestria Airways, he's convinced that anywhere but Manehattan would be better.

Then one day, he finds a scared little filly hiding from the vacuum cleaner in gate A9.
In the events that follow, Creative comes to realize that it doesn't matter where you are or where you go, what matters is who you are with.

Artwork by shadawg

Chapters (1)