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I am a brony, who speaks British, and I am slightly dyslexic and I enjoy reading and writing a lot. I am very involved in band and make movies to! I like to DJ, and I play many instuments, I am a emo.

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1189541 Okay. I'm not very busy today so I should be able to read it and give an honest opinion. You are able to let someone view an unsubmitted story, but it's a complicated process.

1189536 Got it Ian :scootangel: I am going to work on it now

1189533 But I would still love to read whatever you got.

1189533 Here's the thing; When a story is created, it is not counted as posted until it meets the requirements for fimfiction, is submitted and it gains approval.

As for the name thing, just call me by my real name; Ian.

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